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30 Hours Provision


Northfleet Nursery is pleased to announce it will be providing the new 30 Hour Provision for parents who are eligible. 


The extended entitlement is available to 3- and 4-year-olds of working parents. To qualify, EACH parent (or the sole parent in a single parent family) will need to earn, on average, at least the equivalent of 16 hours on the national minimum wage per week (currently £120 per week for over 25s), and no more than £100,000 per year. Self-employed parents and parents on zero-hours contracts will be eligible if they meet the average earnings criteria.


Families where one parent is not in paid employment (or neither parent works) will usually not be eligible for the additional hours. There are exceptions for parents who are on parental, maternity, paternity, adoption or sick leave. Parents who are studying or in training will not be eligible unless this is combined with paid work which meets the minimum average earnings threshold.


However, parents will be eligible where one parent is in receipt of benefits relating to caring responsibilities or has a disability and the other parent is working. Single parents who are disabled or have substantial caring responsibilities will not be eligible.

Limited places are available - please contact the school office if you would like further details 

From September 2017 Northfleet Nursery will be offering the following-

15 Hours universal entitlement - 9-12pm or 1-4pm

15 Hours extended entitlement (if eligible)

12-1pm (both AM & PM session children) and 4-6pm (PM session children only).

Parents may also opt to pay for these extended sessions- please speak to a member of the school office team.

Please contact the school office  on 01474 533950 for help and guidance if you wish to apply for the 30 hours entitlement.

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