Northfleet Nursery School

Northfleet nursery school

“Learn to play then play to learn”

Our Vision

Our vision as a school is:

"To create a learning community where children feel valued, happy, healthy and safe, where they are encouraged to take responsibility and enjoy their learning, leading to high achievement within a diverse community."

Our Mission Statement

We are a learning community and it is our aim to provide:

  • A place where happiness, health and well-being are at the heart of all activities.
  • A place where children have fun and enjoy learning.
  • A safe environment where everyone’s views are heard, respected and valued.
  • High quality teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires learning.
  • A creative culture…a place where children can invent, create, imagine and develop
    skills for the future.
  • Diverse and stimulating opportunities for children to become responsible, independent,
    self-confident and motivated learners.
  • Opportunities for children, parents, families, staff and the wider community to grow
    and develop in partnership.