Northfleet Nursery School

Northfleet nursery school

“Learn to play then play to learn”

Our Staff Team

Staffing Structure



Ms Nagar 

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Ahmed

Class Teacher and SENCO

Mrs Young


Mr Cooley (Class Teacher)

Mrs Torode (Mornings)

Miss Bullen (Afternoons)

Mrs Edita (Mornings) (SENIF Support)


Miss Chatten (Mornings)

Mrs Price (Afternoons)


Miss Bullen (Mornings)

Mrs Coxon (Afternoons)


Mrs Young (Class Teacher)

Mrs Price (Mornings)

Miss Chatten (Afternoons)

Miss Sophie (Mornings) (SEN Support)


Mrs Griggs (Mornings)

Mrs Torode (Afternoon) From Jan 2020

 Support Staff

 Miss Chatten - Extended Provision Manager

Miss Bullen - Extended Provision Manager

Mrs Rai - EYPP Support AM

Miss Murphy - EYPP PM & Beanstalk 

Miss Sophie - Extended Provision

Miss Becky - Extended Provision & Beanstalk

Mrs Smit - Morning cover for SENCO

Mrs Edita - PM EYPP Support 

Office Team

Mrs Robbins - Office Manager

Miss Dinning - Finance/Admin & EFTSA

Mr Rea - Apprentice Administrator

Ms Opong - EFTSA Admin/Clerk to governors