Northfleet Nursery School

Northfleet nursery school

“Learn to play then play to learn”


COVID-19 Update

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Respiratory Outbreaks - 20/10/22

Covid 19 Risk Assessment - 14/01/22

School Operating Procedures For Children - 19/10/20

Behaviour Addendum - 08/06/20

Home School Agreement - 12/02/21

Safer practice and advice (Covid-19) - 15/09/20

Covid-19 Guidance For All Parents - 14/06/21

Covid-19 Close Contact - 14/06/21

Test and Trace Covid Support Payment Scheme - 14/06/21


NHS Covid-19 App Factsheet


nhs covid 19 app parents carers over 16s.pdf

Risk Assessment


covid 19 risk assessment january 2022.pdf


 School operating procedure for children

school operating procedures for children 2 .pdf


Northfleet Nursery School Behaviour and Discipline Policy Addendum

nns behaviour addendum 2020.pdf


home school agreement covid 19.pdf