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Northfleet nursery school

“Learn to play then play to learn”

Our Learning

Week Starting - 01/11/21

This week at nursery we have been learning about Diwali. We had a creative week making and decorating our Diva’s. We watched DVD about Diwali to learn how Sikh’s and Hindi’s celebrate at home. On Friday we held a Diwali workshop. We had a fabulous day full of great experiences. We ate traditional Indian food, learnt a Garba dance and listened to a story called Bhandi Chhorh Divas. 







Week Starting - 08/11/21

This week at NNS the children were learning how to stay safe during a fire drill. Alongside this the children also learned about the dangers of fireworks. We watched a DVD on fire safety and spoke about how firefighters help us during an emergency.







Week Starting - 15/11/21

This week at Nursery the children read 'Harry and the Robots.'  They enjoyed junk modelling their own robots and making the Beebots move using the different controls.  The children also talked about people who help us and practiced bandaging their friends!!







Week Starting - 21/11/21

This week the children have been learning about the bedtime routine. They took part in brushing their teeth and preparing babies for bed by reading and singing to them.







Week Starting - 29/11/21

This week at Nursery the children are busy getting ready for Christmas. They have been learning about the Nativity and singing Christmas songs.








 Our Learning September-October

Week Starting - 27/09/21

This week children read the story of the Little Red Hen and have learnt the importance of being helpful and sharing with others. We linked the story to Harvest and the children made some delicious bread.  








It has been a fun filled couple of weeks at our school. We have been learning about the importance of harvest and sharing what we have. Our families have all been helping by donating food items to the HIVE Foodbank. Today Father Cyril came to visit us. He spoke to us about doing our little bit to support others who don't have food. He also said that "sharing is caring". We treated Father Cyril  by singing the Harvest songs that our teachers taught us. 













Week Starting - 04/10/21

 This week at Nursery our theme is "my school" the children have learnt to be independent and follow school routine. The children now understand the need to keep safe, take turns and share with their friends.








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Week Starting - 11/10/21

 This week at Nursery our theme is "Keeping Healthy." The children have been learning about healthy food choices and have been taking part in different physical activities.  The activities have also allowed the children to practice the skills they learnt last week. These include using equipment safely, taking turns and playing cooperatively.






 Week Starting - 18/10/21


This week at nursery we have been learning about black history month. We enjoyed a week full of celebrations with many visitors originating from different countries and cultures in Africa and Carribean. We enjoyed some African dancing taught by Confident Queen, some Gospel singing and listening to African songs played on the keyboard by some of our talented parents.