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“Learn to play then play to learn”

Our Learning - 2023/2024

Our Learning 23/02/24

The book of the week this week is "Cinderella". To tie in to the theme of Cinderella the children have been making wands to put spells on anyone and everyone! The children have also been threading string just like Cinderella!






Our Learning 09/02/24

 Our book of the past two weeks has been "The Monster Pet". The children have been on a shape hunt by matching shapes. They also made a kite to fly on any windy days.





Our Learning 02/02/24

This week at Nursery the children have been continuing from last week by looking at length at size. The book of the week is The Monster Pet. Children have brought the story to life by re-creating the monster. It grew in length as it weaved around the garden!






Our Learning 26/01/24

This week at Nursery the children have been looking at size and positional language. Dancing the "Conga" the children were also able to say who was "Infront" and "Behind" in the Conga line. Children also made playdough snakes in order to identify if they were short or long.






Our Learning 19/01/24

This week the children were very excited to share their favourite toy from home, with their friends. The children also made shape Superhero masks and enjoyed moving like superheroes.





Our Learning 12/01/24

This week at nursery we have been learning our first Talk for Writing story ‘Just Like Jasper.’ The children have also explored the toys and themes from this book including making their own concertina 'Jack in a box', elastic band drums and continuing to use their fine motor skills to make different wind up toys move.  The children also used their mathematical skills to count and add a small amount of pennies into a piggy bank.






Our Learning 05/01/24

This week at Nursery we have welcomed the children back from their Christmas break. We have been comparing big and small objects as well as drawing and talking about our favourite nursery toys.






Our Learning 15/12/23


This week at Nursery we have been reading and watching The Stickman. We continued this learning by making our own stickmen. Once our stickman was all finished up we then threw our own snowballs. Finishing the term we then had our party!







Our Learning 08/12/23

This week at Nursery we have been busy practising for and performing our Nativity (which Mr Rea is getting ready to upload!). We have also been making our list for Santa!





Our Learning 01/12/23

This week at Nursery we have been expanding on our reading of "The Gruffalo" by reading "The Gruffalo's Child" and making Gruffalo stew.  We have been getting into the Christmas spirit by making Chirstmas decorations and practising for our Christmas Nativity next Thursday (7th December).






Our Learning 24/11/23

This week at Nursery children had fun listening to The Gruffalo story, singing The Gruffalo song and even moving their bodies like the characters in the story!






Our Learning 17/11/23

At Nursery this week, the children have been learning all about robots! They realised carboard boxes and other materials to create their own robot for someone special and practised their robot moves!






Class attendance award winners - Sunflower EEP


Our Learning 10/10/23

This week at Nursery we have been learning about Diwali. We made Divas and even decorated them ourselves. We also learned about and watched some fireworks.






Class attendance award winners - Lavender EEP


Our Learning 03/10/23

This week at Nursery we have been learning all about fire safety. We practiced a fire drill and even got to meet real firefighters!






Class attendance award winners - Poppy PM


Our Learning 20/10/23

This week we have all been celebrating Black History Month. It was lovely to have so many parents join us for our Cultural Day on Wednesday. 

Also a huge thank you to all the parents who generously donated food for our international food day!






Class attendance award winners - DAISY PM

Our Learning 13/10/23

This week the children have been learning how to use the paints and aprons independently. They have also been practising taking off and putting on their own shoes in order to play in the sand pit. 

We also donated crates full of food to the Hive Food Bank due to the generous donations of our lovely families!






Our Learning 06/10/23

This week at Nursery the children have read the book The Little Red Hen. This story links to our Harvest Collection and the theme of helping each other. This reflects in the activities of pouring drinks, changing shoes and finding names.






Our Learning 29/09/23

This week at Nursery the children have read the story "Peace at Last" and have engaged in activities relating to the story. This has included making hot chocolate, brushing their teeth and singing lullabies.






Our Learning 22/09/23

This week at Nursery we have been reading Peace at Last together in our groups. As well as reading through a story, we have also been making watches that we took home to our families!





Our Learning 15/09/23

This week at Nursery we continued to make lots of new friends! We have also been reading The Three Little Pigs Together.






Our Learning 08/09/23

This week at Nursery the children have been settling back into school as well as making lots of new friends!